Kim King

“[Lincoln] is just such an awesome teacher. We cannot speak more highly about what he is doing for us. … We would recommend this group to anyone who is interested in learning more about finance.”

Janice Page

"You can see in column AU, all but one stock would have resulted in losses totaling about $36,000. I will say that your cost of [membership] has been definitely well worth it. You saved me $36,000."

Cherie Lousie Bell

“Any time we asked him a question, he always had the answer. and he’s always there whenever we’ve made appointments with him, he really makes us feel like a priority. We love working with him.”

Charles Brown

"Hearing and reading [the lessons] from this well-thought out course drives home the points. Result? You are more likely to invest smartly, while less likely to rely on hope or emotions."

Harold Artvater

"Nice graphics and presenter. Very helpful for increasing my understanding of my mistakes."

Anne Small

"[This course] is by far one of the most comprehensive, easy to apply, and impressive rules based study: exactly what traders need in order to succeed."

Amy Ellis

"Very impressed with the course. Keeps the trader in touch with reality and how to minimize the risk while getting to making profits over time."

Richard Stites

"Great deal of thought went into this program."

Charles Brown

"I have no doubt I'll be able to protect my portfolio from stupid trades that I would otherwise have likely attempted without this training."

James Robertson

"Very clear and easy to understand. I wished I had found this years ago."

Allen Cofield

"Simplified and directional in action is good for all the information that is available to us as traders today. I loved this course."

Joey Pacheco

"I believe following these strategies will improve my trading skills to become an elite Day Trader."

Andrew Jackson

"The training videos and information presented was helpful to understand a smarter way to trade to make money."

Thomas Schaefer

"Outstanding.. I should have completed before losing real money by not following."

Lockwood Perry

"Very insightful. Awesome Course."

Craig Ellsworth

"The information and content is given to you straight out, no pulled punches. Truth wins out."

Carl Stringfellow

"Lots of good points to incorporate without a lot of drivel."

Willie Watkins

"It's what every new trader needs and should follow. On point with this course."

Faith O.

"I love the principles taught. They are setting my mind up for success. I should have done this long ago."

DeWayne T.

"Excellent information delivered to create success if one follows it."

Wendy Endres

"Great! Gave me a better understanding of why I don't win as often as the alert services."

Ralph A.

"I learned a lot of stuff I should have sought out a long time ago."

William Hildebrand

"This course certainly gives you a solid foundation for understanding the importance of following the rules and a solid trading plan for success."

Todd Pederson

"This course was very informative. I learned a lot of things I didn't know before."

Brian Hummel

"Course pins down the exact reasons why most fail at being successful and fall to the 97% of unsuccessful traders with losing accounts and not profitable ones."

Linda Miller

"It was realistic as to expectations."

Thomas Robinson

"This is a great way to begin and cut out FUD and nonsense!"

Kenneth B.

"I knew nothing about trading, with what I just learned from the Essentials course, I am eager to trade."

Thomas Robinson

"Clear explanations of all the processes and terms to understand and begin with!"

Angela Voorhees

"Very good instruction and for preparing a trader's mindset."

William V.

Great course...very informative! Rated 5 out of 5!

Richard Larson

"The outline of the program is great in making you think of what you are doing and plan out what are the best moves in risk management."

Steven Wheelock

This is unbelievable stuff!

Samuel Lee

"This information is more valuable than gold."

John Seaman

Everything makes sense so far. I did have a profitable morning in the trading room. I learned how to use trailing stops but my three trades were all in the green from entry to fill. Also I bumped my profit target from 6% to 8% and was finished by 9:55.

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